Fire Doors Prevent the Spread of Fire

Posted: Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Fire can be devastating. Lives are often at risk when fire safety precautions are not followed correctly. That is why is it is essential that every precaution has to be taken to prevent a fire from happening and then spreading if it does occur.


Within the community there are regulations in place for business to follow and Fire Brigades are happy to advise them and householders alike about what precautions they should take to prevent fire. One of the things the Brigades will often suggest is fire doors. They are something that is mandatory within public buildings and business premises.

At Safedoors we manufacture internal and external fire doors to a nationally recognised standard that is marked on the doors themselves. The job of such doors is to provide a barrier between the fire and any adjoining rooms or buildings. Our range is available in GRP and thermoplastic and is ideal for use in all areas where Building Regulations require a fully approved FD30S fire doorset. The specification has been tested and can resist fire for 30 minutes, meaning that if installed correctly, there is every chance that people in the proximity of the fire can get away safely.


In general, fire doors are kept closed at all times but certainly not locked because they can also be a means of escape. They should never be jammed open; that completely negates the point of having them. Equally, the point of a fire door is that it provides a complete seal. That means around its frame and with the floor. Fire can get between the bottom of the door and the floor and will do if there is carpeting.


ID-10045700There are fire doors that are open when there is no fire but will close automatically if fire breaks out. They generally use a magnet to keep them open with the magnetic connection breaking as soon as there is a problem.

It is possible to have glass in internal or external fire doors but of course it must have been made to a standard that ordinary glass does not require. There are often advantages of having glass because it provides natural light which may be of benefit at times.

As a supplier, we have many years’ experience in manufacturing fire doors and are happy to provide advice on the best products to buy. You can have a choice of styles as long as every component does its job in providing that all important barrier.

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