Make sure your door is a Safedoor

One of the most important features that people look for when ordering a door is security. The importance of security is reflected in the new Approved Document Q (effective from 1 October 2015) which governs the standards required to comply with buildings regulations for new buildings, extensions or material changes of use of a building.

You can demonstrate compliance with the new regulations by meeting the security requirements of PAS 24 or similar standards, so make sure that you request PAS 24 compliant doors, where appropriate. PAS 24 covers door and window assemblies, including tests and specifications for locks, and the robustness of the doors and windows themselves.

Safedoors’ comprehensive portfolio of PAS 24 products has successfully completed rigorous independent testing, so you can be sure that they comply with the new security requirements. Make sure your door is a Safedoor.

Read more about Approved Document Q here.